About AquaFlanders

AquaFlanders is the voice of all Flemish companies that are responsible for drinking water and sewer management.

Who are we?

In Belgium, which is a federal state, water services reside under the competence of the regions: Flanders, Wallonia, and the Brussels Capital Region. AquaFlanders is the federation of Flemish water companies and sewer managers. We promote the interests of our members with local, regional, federal and European governments and stakeholders. AquaFlanders cooperates on a streamlined and modern water management. Last but not least, we want to inform and raise awareness about sustainable water usage in Flanders.


Water, belongs to everyone, is for everyone and by everyone. AquaFlanders and its partners join forces for a sustainable, integrated water policy with circular water use. That's how we want to ensure affordable and quality tap water for everyone and make Flanders a more climate-resistant region. Every individual, every organisation and every government can contribute to this.

Brecht Vermeulen, chairman AquaFlanders

Mission and vision

Mission and vision

At the source

We are the driving force that unites the water companies and sewer managers in Flanders.

of a streamlined

We have the mandate to communicate on behalf of the entire industry and ensure that positions are coordinated, aligned and supported.

and modern

Modern water management is contemporary, sustainable and future-oriented.

water management.

We care about water in all its facets.

Water is under pressure due to the climate change and the growing population. AquaFlanders wants to protect this water, the source of all life, for future generations. That is the reason why we work with passion and in consultation with all stakeholders on the development and implementation of a sustainable water policy.

To achieve this, we support our members through consultation, exchange of experiences, research, communication, knowledge building, and services. The aim is to obtain the water-related sustainability objectives at the Flemish and local level.

Our ambitions

  • Guaranteeing healthy, high-quality and affordable water. Sustainable and integrally managed for everyone in Flanders.
  • Becoming the competence centre for water.
  • Strenghtening cooperation between all members and stakeholders in water and sewerage policy.
  • Monitoring water quality throughout the chain.
  • Increasing water awareness and public acceptance of circular and integrally managed water.

Our values

  • Customer focused
  • Transparant
  • Ethical and honest
  • Innovative
  • According to ISO 17020

Our roles


Download our corporate presentation to learn more about AquaFlanders and the Flemish water, sewerage and wastewater landscape.

AquaFlanders is active in the following international organizations:

  • IWA - International Water Association
  • SGI Europe - European Centre of Employers and Enterprises providing Public services
  • EurEau - European Federation of National Associations of Water
  • Aqua Publica Europea - European association of public water operators